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My Name is Steven Malicki.  Call or Text Me Today.

  • NE Pulsifer School of Piano Tuning Technology. Fully Registered and Certified in 1980

  • Highly Skilled Aural Piano Tunings (a.k.a., piano tuning by ear)

  • No Charge Appraisals and Price Breaks for Contracted and Scheduled Service Plans

  • Piano Tuning Coupons are never required to obtain most affordable rate.

  • Call or use contact form to reach me.  Provide first name and an email address. In order to provide you with a competent quote I will ask and also answer any questions you may have about your piano or music in general. I will assess and appraise your instrument and always try to work within your budget.

    I try to present information in a simple and direct manner. If you own a piano or are considering a purchase I am here to provide you with advice. professional advice.

    As you browse this site perhaps searching for a technician I would encourage you to take a glance at my customer feedback and read just a few recent reviews posted by some of my clients.Visit and bookmark orlandopianotuning blog to stay informed. I always strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Any services you require will be performed to this standard. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

    All pianos are tuned differently.I have developed several different service options to help meet the needs of my customers. For example, a concert pianist is looking for something different from their instrument than the piano owner who rarely plays.

    A piano is an investment and if properly tuned and cared for should over time appreciate in value. However, all pianos regardless of the amount of use they receive need to be tuned properly. I am fully licensed and certified with over 35 years of concert, commercial and residential piano tuning experience.

    Phone: 407-401-2236

    Email steven  at  orlandopianotuning.com